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Sustainability Policy


Santarém Hotel's mission is to fully satisfy its customers through the provision of a wide variety of quality services, as well as the provision of structures and equipment appropriate to the current times.

Local promotion in the various aspects of the social and cultural sphere


The Santarém Hotel is an Independent Hotel Unit of Four Stars, owned by SCALOTEL - Soc. Escalabitana Hoteleira, SA , and operates based on the following parameters:

- Enhancement of the natural surroundings - All the Lezíria, the Tagus River, the Bulls and the Lusitano Horses;

- Relationship of proximity of the Hotel with the City and Region;

- The authenticity of the Ribatejanos Flavors, not forgetting the Nationals;

- Constant concern about sound management of natural resources, including energy.

Sustainability Policy

Santarém Hotel seeks to seduce with the adoption of best practices

· Maintain the operational procedures, rules and attitudes of all its Employees that result in services that exceed the expectations of our Clients;

· Promote a constant interaction with all the Players of the City and Region in order to keep the Hotel permanently integrated at the Sociocultural level;

· Continuous training of Employees through initial training in new Certifications, and continuous in the Certifications already obtained.  

. Publicizing the existence of this Sustainability Policy publicly through the different means of communication available (Site, social networks, etc.)

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