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Santarém: History

Santarém, city, county and district, is characterized by multiple historical factors of cultural, religious, economic and social order.

In the city, to be known on foot, the most outstanding are the Temples built between the 13th and 15th centuries, which give it the epithet of Portuguese "Capital of Gothic", and the visit to the Garden of the Sun Gate, with its new Interpretation Center "Urbi Scallabis". It anticipates or complements the interpretation of the Scalabitan cultural landscape throughout various historical epochs.

The Tagus River, which "kisses" the whole city

Although we can consider it a modern city, where stands out the central National Center of Exhibitions and Agricultural Markets , Santarém does not cease to "keep" in its traditions rooted for centuries, such as its festivals and traditional markets and its Bullring . The Tagus River, which "kisses" the whole city with its left bank, houses some of the surviving Villages Avieiras , rich in traditions.

In the county, we have to the south the beautiful and immense landscape of the Tagus river and the fertile fields of Lezíria, marked by extensive vineyards geometrically aligned; to the north, already in the neighborhood, are the olive groves that fill the landscape. Continuing to climb to the limits of the County, we are faced with the forest cover that is the harbinger of the landscape carsa. They dominate the great limestone massifs of the Natural Park of the Serra d'Aire and Candeeiros, which, with their algares, caves or small nooks, dazzle those looking for moments of evasion in full contact with Nature.

Finally, in the Municipality and in the District, the events linked to this unique Ribatejo trilogy of the Horse, the Toiro and the Campino, or the ancestral flavors that come from the land and the river, confirm the protagonism of Santarém, its authentic personality, and complete a scenario where the active use of mind and body gives quality to leisure.

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