Regional Gastronomy and Oenology

One of the main tourist attractions in the Ribatejo Region is the gastronomy, whose flavor is linked to fishing and the countryside.

The Lezírias do Ribatejo and the large Herdades do Vale do Tejo are the origin of pure meats that popular knowledge welcomed at the table from an early age. Other influences came from Alentejo, brought by those who came chasing dreams, of which Açordas and Migas are just examples.

As further examples of ingredients and products that most identify this Region, we have Carolino Rice, Olive Oil, Melons, Tomatoes and Sausages that abound in Lezíria. The Shad, the Fataças and the Eels come from the Tagus that crosses the Ribatejo Province from south to north.

The geographic variety also implies a myriad of work activities that are reflected in the daily routine of eating, giving rise to dishes as characteristic of this region as Sopa da Pedra, Magusto with Codfish, Açorda de Sável with Roe of the same, the Fataça na Telha, the Ensopado de Borrego or the Loaf of Taurus Bravo Vinaigrette.

Celestes, Fogaças or Tigeladas are just some of the many sweets that the region's confectionery has to offer.

Discover a true heritage of flavors here!