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Cave of the Algar da Pena

As a consequence of the candidacy presented by Santarém City Hall , the Algar da Pena Cave is a candidate for the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal.

The Cave of the Algar do Pena is located in the deep carso of the Natural Park of Serra D'Aires and Candeeiros, in the parish of Alcanede, county of Santarém and allows to observe the nature in a unique splendor.

This Wonder of Nature was accidentally discovered in 1983, during a stone extraction operation, currently having the largest cavity room known in the Country. It is composed of a vertical well of 35 meters (algar) leading to a gigantic hall of 105 thousand meters cubic.

The Underground Interpretation Center is located on the site, one of the best places to understand the secrets of the caves, the subterranean water circulation mechanisms and the dangers to which this environment is subject.

Inside, the view expands into a vast subterranean landscape of shapes as varied as unusual, through the enormous profusion of concretions - stalactites and stalagmites.

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