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Historical and Typical

Avieira Houses

Along the Tagus River you can find several Avieiras Villages. These are made up of small groups of wooden buildings suspended above the water, better known as palafite buildings. They functioned (and some still function) as Fishermen's dwellings, once Farmers in the area of Praia da Vieira who moved here to find a better way of subsistence.

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Castelo de Santarém and Jardim das Portas do Sol

The City of Santarém was taken to the Moors by D Afonso Henriques on March 15, 1147. The walls of the Castle that still remain, surround what is now known as the Garden of the Doors of the Sun.

Considered the living room of the city of Santarém, this Garden has undergone rehabilitation and valorization works that had as fundamental objectives the current interpretation of the site, based on the memory of the place and history of the City, providing the population with a unique leisure space, empowering the cultural and scenic meanings that are the surplus value of the place. Passive recreational conditions (contemplation, reading, stay and rest) and active (infantile and juvenile equipment) were increased, as well as the appreciation of the characteristics of the viewpoint and the recognition of the surrounding landscape (virtual viewpoints, terrace / belvedere) and of the place as space of contact with the history of the place and of the city, through the creation of the Center of Interpretation of the urban evolution of Santarém and revelation through new technologies of the known archaeological finds.


Santarém is inserted in a region of Bulls Wild and Campinos. There is an Arena where several Bullfights take place during the season.

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